Have you heard of Ostara?

Have you ever heard of Ostara  I didn’t know about Ostara at all until recently but there’s something about her archetype that I want to share with you. Ostara, is … Continue Reading →

The secret to Self Love and Acceptance

Every single day I see something or talk to someone who reminds me that it’s so easy to get lost in the maze of the mind and forget about the … Continue Reading →

Whole Foods is a great place to practice self awareness

The other day I was at whole foods in the express line (coffee counter) and the line was actually about 5 ppl deep to where I was. And it wasn’t … Continue Reading →

The hunt for clarity

As we roll into October, the theme of Clarity has been on my mind. In my own life I’ve been in the process of getting clear on everything from who … Continue Reading →

Healing and Evolving Your Emotional Body

How about some Emotional Release? Let it go and let yourself live free! An in person & distance healing to set you free. Your emotional body is constantly processing everything … Continue Reading →

She said I was doing things people don’t understand…

I’ve been working to create some tag lines for my work and yesterday I came up “Liberator of Divinity”. I’ll fine tune it but I like it. (Feels like I … Continue Reading →

Are you alive? It’s a simple question. Or is it? What does it mean to be alive? Is it having a pulse and blood coursing through your veins? Is it being conscious … Continue Reading →

Chocolate makes ordinary things extraordinary. Here’s my new morning delight. I’ve seen other people make it a few different ways but I’ve never seen it like this. It’s so good … Continue Reading →

Each one of us is a powerful creator. Just as we are creation, we are also filled with the ability and power to create. We do it all the time, both … Continue Reading →

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Transforming the Now

I was recently a guest on the Transformation Nation Podcast with my friend and Transformation Champion, Alexi Panos. Alexi and I spoke about some transformations that I’ve experienced and the … Continue Reading →